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For educational activities, seminars or conferences

  • 20 standardly equipped classrooms with a capacity of 15-30 people each
  • 1 lecture hall, capacity 60 people
  • a computer learning center
  • a multimedia classroom with an interactive board
  • a large reception and lecture hall (capacity 120 people), AV equipment, with an entrance to the Salla Terrena and to the castle garden with a view of the Labe river and a saloon (capacity 15 people) next to the hall
  • the Salla Terrena and the castle garden with an arbour and space for sports
  • a large reception room (capacity 40 people) with its own kitchen and a bathroom, plus an additional saloon (capacity 10 people), all self-contained.
  • a library and two study areas (capacity 20 people each), all self-contained.


  • 93 double bedrooms, each with its own bathroom
  • 2 four-bed rooms, each with its own bathroom
  • 99 double bedrooms and 3 four-bed rooms with a communal bathroom
  • 6 appartments (bedroom, study, hall, and bathroom)

Detailed information available at Accommodation.

Accommodation "Pension Castle"

More information on the pension may be found at www.ubytovani-nazamku.cz.

Contact: Pavel Konupka (Vice Director for Finance and Administration) tel.: +420 325 614 457, pavel.konupka@ujop.cuni.cz


  • a large choice of restaurants in the town centre close to accommodation

In case you are interested in leasing space on the castle premises, please contact the director of the Study Centre Daniela Vlkova directly: tel.: +420 325 613 463

Recreational Activities

  • fitness centre at the residential facility
  • sport hall with tartan surface at the residential facility
  • horse riding available nearby
  • golf course
  • tennis courts very close to accommodation
  • ride on the Labe boat restaurant
  • very good train and bus connections
  • theatre, cinema, restaurant and disco on the castle grounds

Commercial Use

Conferences, seminars, presentations, private social events, evening events, wedding ceremonies, wedding banquets, celebrations.


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