Prague (Krystal)

Are you interested in law, social sciences, architecture or arts subjects? At our Krystal centre you can choose from a wide range of vocational subjects in your chosen specialism.

Our Prague Krystal centre offers intensive Czech courses and preparatory courses for university study in a wide range of Bachelor's degree specialisms – from law and humanities, through architecture to design, as well as Master's degree humanities subjects.

Choose your vocational subject based on your specialism

We run two year-long programmes:

Students can choose a classic preparatory course, made up of intensive Czech tuition and specialist subjects.

Students who are still not sure about their future specialism can register for an intensive Czech course. In addition to the morning Czech lessons, students also have the option to buy any number of specialist subject classes based on the area in which they want to specialise in their future studies.

The centre Krystal operates as a university campus – students live and learn in one place, in the Krystal hotel building. The curator is available to help students with any bureaucratic requirements and the selection of a field for further study.

We organise a variety of cultural events and trips for students. In their free time students can also take advantage of the nearby bathing centre Džbán or the large sports and recreation complex FTVS. For a small fee students have the option to visit the gym, solarium or take part in other sports activities such as spinning, aerobics, indoor rowing, squash, table tennis and others.


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Prague (Krystal)

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