Prague (Voršilská) - Testimonials

Tanja, Switzerland, 20 years old: Two years ago I decided to learn Czech at Albertov. I wanted to take it just one semester and now it's already my fourth. It was the best time of my life. I met interesting friends from all over the world, and I even found a best friend. 
I would never imagine that I will be able to Czech like I know it today. I attended a theatre club and students' concerts which was very interesting and helped me with my Czech.
Thank you all for this great time!

Nina, Georgia, 20 years old: Magical place! I never knew how rapidly language skills develop, and all this I learned thanks to the best teachers. I love the timetable - it's not just two hours a day, but almost the entire school day of intensive teaching, speaking, writing, and many interesting tasks. And all this is in the best location in Prague.

Stacey, Netherlands, 26 years old: I think it's the fastest and the best method to learn Czech. The staff is professional and the teachers are qualified and speaks engagingly. Lessons are interesting and I like it. 

Tatiana, Russia, 31 years old: Simply just decide and buy a Czech course. It is a great place to learn and I cannot imagine my life without  Czech.

Alexandra, Russia, 23 years old: I would recommend it to all my friends because it is a wonderful school that has great teachers and the teaching is carried out at a high level.

Alejandro, Bolivia, 19 years old: Classes are fun. The course is great. I learned everything quickly and knowledgably.

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