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Preparatory Courses

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Summer Schools

Summer Schools

Czech language international summer school for young people ONLINE

What do we offer?

An intensive online course for students interested in the Czech language and culture and for those who are planning to study in the Czech Republic in the future.

Beginner and lower-level groups (up to A2) are guaranteed to open.*

Higher-level groups (B1 or B2) will open if at least 8 participants sign up.

*If you are planning to take the one-year preparatory course which starts in September, you may consider taking part in our summer school which would help you get into more advanced groups.

For whom?

For young people from 14 to 22 years old.

For those who want to get acquainted with the Czech language and life in the Czech Republic.

For those who are planning to study in the Czech Republic in the future.

For those who are coming for a preparatory course in September 2021.

For students with Czech ancestry - you can learn to understand your grandparents better.

For foreign students of Czech secondary schools - we close the gaps in your grammar knowledge and develop your speaking skills.

For future students of the Czech universities who want to improve their level of the Czech language proficiency.


What's included in the program?

  • 90 classes (6 classes per day) of an intensive Czech course with highly qualified professionals.
  • 12 classes (4 classes per week) - learning about the life and culture of the Czech Republic (considering the students' knowledge and language proficiency level).
  • 3 live informative meetings and presentations on following topics:
  1. Opportunities for education in the Czech Republic: getting to know universities and the higher education system. Speaker - assistant of the student department.
  2. Preparation for university studies: introduction to the ILPS study centers and training programs, nostrification proces
  3. Student life in the Czech Republic. Live broadcast with our graduates where you can learn about their experience of studying with us, ask them questions and get truthful answers.

After completing the course students will receive a certificate of attendance.

How is the training organized?

  • during the summer school period students get access to licensed Microsoft Teams and Zoom platforms.
  • students communicate with teachers online according to a schedule.
  • classes are taught by highly qualified teachers with online teaching experience who use unique ILPS CU methodology.
  • students get an electronic Czech textbook suitable for their level.
  • lessons are held in small groups (8 - 10 people).
  • groups are formed considering students' time zones and their level of language proficiency.
  • in July, students take an online test in Czech to determine their level and place them to a suitable group.

Don't miss the opportunity to become an online student of Charles University for three weeks and get to know the language, culture and life of the Czech Republic!

Praha (Krystal) Centre

Course duration

12.7 - 30.7. 2021


800 EUR

Number of lessons per week

100 vyučovacích hodin (1 vyučovací hodina 45 minut)

Payment instructions

You will receive the payment instructions after submitting your online application below.

Course cancellation terms: 

If you cancel the course (no later than 30 July 2021), you will get a refund of the amount you paid minus 60 EUR registration fee.


Svetlana Kleisnerova

tel.: +420 778 475 551

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